Cabinetry layouts affect everything you do in your day, whether you love to entertain, work from home, or need to save time efficiently in the morning in order to get the kids to their activities on time. 

“It was a pleasure to work with Karen throughout the whole design and installation process. She was knowledgeable…and provided several specific recommendations for the design that I would have never have considered without the help of an experienced professional…”
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Kitchen Design

Kitchen design is one most difficult and complex projects which homeowners undertake. But done right, your kitchen becomes the heart of your home. While you are preparing food, others may be visiting around the island.

To get a kitchen designed just right, you will have to consider things like:

  • what you love to cook;

  • how many people will be in the kitchen on a typical day;

  • your storage needs; and

  • which items you really need to be on hand and which can live in the pantry.

When we design your kitchen we will work through an extensive list to make sure your kitchen functions perfectly.


Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are the next most difficult, and complex projects that homeowners undertake. Since bathrooms are usually the first space you enter after waking up, and the last space you leave before crawling into bed, they need to help set the tone for your days and nights. For this reason alone, they should be beautiful and look like an extension of the rest of your home. I understand the need for specific cabinetry storage which addresses morning and night routines with the end result creating an oasis where you can just relax.


Cabinetry design

Great cabinets not only work well, they also enhance the look of your home. We will work through a range of options including door styles, wood species, colours, glazes, special finishes, distressing, door overlays, edge profiles, moldings, and hardware options.

We’ll review tailored floor plans and perspective drawings for all the particular requirements of your room. Then we’ll look at the details that make the difference: instant access inserts, pullouts, rollout shelves, waste baskets and recycling bins. Your cabinets will therefor be tailored to your personal tastes.

Finally, I will confirm measurements, review the plans and budget, and place the order with the manufacturer. Please note that I only work with trusted manufacturer and installers to make sure the final product is perfect.


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