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A Fresh Start for Lunar New Year

Gung hay fat choy! These are the Cantonese words people will say on February 1, the beginning of 2022’s lunar new year. They mean, “Wishing you great happiness and prosperity.” This lunar year is the ‘Year of the Water Tiger’. Tigers are bold, while water can wash away what is no longer needed—and so the […]

Designing Your New Kitchen – What to Consider

With spring around the corner, the urge to brighten your home can result in a redesign of one, or several, rooms. Kitchens are a frequent ‘spring update’ choice because they get the most wear and tear! If you redo your kitchen, before dreaming about quartz countertops, tile floors and kitchen islands, make sure you’ve addressed […]

Tips For Creating a 5-Star Hotel Feeling In Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are important. In them, we wash the sleep away each morning and prepare ourselves for bed each evening-and these daily ‘clean and preen’ rituals are more satisfying when they take place in a spa-like space. Here are six tips for giving your bathroom that ‘5-Star hotel’ feeling. Replace Bathroom Accessories The easiest, most inexpensive […]


In most homes, every bit of space matters. A well-designed home features cabinetry and storage spaces to accommodate all the accoutrements of family life, but cabinet accessories are what create, ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’! Here are examples of must-have kitchen and laundry cabinet accessories. Simple Solutions to Kitchen Chaos! • […]


You can never be too prepared for a renovation of any scale, but no matter how organized you are, there will always be upheaval. It’s a good practice to expect the unexpected – good preparation before swinging a hammer will save you a lot of stress! Below are some things to consider when renovating. Procurement […]


Art is an important element in a space, the final touch that makes it feel finished. Art allows people to express personality – yet choosing art for the home is often an afterthought! Here are some tips for choosing art. Decorating Style What is your style? Busy? Minimal? Funky? Refined? Minimalists may prefer one or […]

The Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry (also called a serving pantry or scullery) is a small service and storage room located near a kitchen, sometimes between the kitchen and dining room, or sometimes between the kitchen and mudroom. Originally designed to serve as a secure storage space for fine china and family heirlooms, today’s pantries can also take […]

Design With Pets In Mind

Responsible pet parents prioritize safety, comfort, and happiness for their animal friends by creating pet-friendly homes. If you have pets, particularly cats and dogs, here are some tips for making your home both attractive and functional for all family members, whether two or four-legged! Pet-friendly flooring Pets can be hard on floors. Sharp claws and […]


Range hoods – once regarded simply as utilitarian devices for managing cooking odours – have evolved into kitchen focal points, with many attractive designs and styles to choose from. However, all range hoods are made for the same important purpose to rid the kitchen of smoke, grease, and toxins!There are five main categories of range […]

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