Paint takes up the most square footage in your house and it’s the first thing you’ll notice every time you walk into your home. If it’s wrong, it will bother you every day.

“…Karen was able to narrow down the colour options in a matter of minutes and showed me why each colour would be suitable. I painted the house on my own and I absolutely love the colours we selected.”
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There are a million ways to describe colour, but we can simplify it to Light or Dark; Cool or Warm; Clean or Dirty.

You’ve likely looked at your flooring, kitchen countertop, or sofa fabric and wondered what paint colour would work with these elements. You’ve already discovered that your paint choice must relate to your existing built-ins and/or furnished items. Even with a brand new house, paint colour selection must work with all of these items too.


How does it work?

Here’s the process step by step:

  • We start with a free 15-minute phone call to make sure I understand what you need and that I can help you.

  • If we agree to proceed, I will send you a colour questionnaire that you will be required to complete prior to your in home consult.

  • I will walk through your desired space(s) and diagnose the neutral undertones in your hard finishes, elements such as tile and countertops, fabric and furniture. There are 9 possible neutral undertones; and the right one will help dictate your wall colour.

  • The large paint sample board which I will present will explain why the colour we chose is the perfect solution. At this time I will show you the lightest and darkest option in this colour.


Next Step

I will then request that you purchase a quart of paint in the colour you like best in order to paint a small sample area to ensure you like it before we paint the entire space.


Book a free Colour Consult call now

To discuss your colour dilemmas, book a complimentary call with me. I would love to bring colour or the perfect neutral backdrop to your space.