Life is richer when you live in a space you love

Your home is where you make memories, celebrate, play, dream, entertain, and relax. Making it work for you, and the unique needs of your family, is what interior design is all about; a space that is not just beautiful, but functional as well.

“I found her easy to ask questions to, she answered with honesty, and it was nice that she was able to help me in all the different areas that I wanted to change including countertop, backsplash, blinds and paint color.”
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Design for your life

Every interior design project starts with the end in mind. The space we’re designing not only has to look like home, it also has to function well. We will talk about things like what you want the space to do for you and what kinds of things will you be doing there? Are kitchens just for cooking, or a place where family and friends gather?

A well-designed space works for how you live, so this is where we start every project. Then we’ll look at budget; room dimensions and flow; and fixtures and fittings to ensure the space will become a functional and beloved part of your life.


Design for your style

The best designs are a reflection of your personality and style. My job is to translate your ideas into a coherent and harmonious design that reflects who you are.

To do this we’ll combine elements from your wish list into the planning process. I’ll propose product selections and explain why each has been chosen. According to the scale of work you need done, I will cover interior finishes, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, hardware, paint colour, window coverings, plumbing and lighting fixtures with you - all of which contribute to creating the result you want.


A process designed for your peace of mind

Interior design projects range from straightforward (no structural changes to your home) to complex (building a new home or renovating an existing one). In some cases, I’ll lead the project, and in others I’ll partner with my trusted and preferred General Contractor, and I will concentrate solely on the design work.

In either case, my job is not just to make things look beautiful — it’s also to make sure your transformation happens smoothly and with as little upset to your daily life as possible.


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