Colour Consult

Client: Erica Wiese
Project: Renovating the main floor of her 34-year old home

“I had a colour theme in mind, but wasn’t confident that it would work. Karen was able to help me pick paint colours that transition between the rooms on my main floor and complimented my existing cabinetry, flooring and furniture. She walked around the house and looked at everything while listening to my preferences for colours and concerns with my large windows and natural light. Karen was able to narrow down the colour options in a matter of minutes and showed me why each colour would be suitable. We selected a neutral for the main floor, a darker accent wall for the bedroom and a complimentary colour through the rest of the bedroom and into the bathroom. I painted the house on my own and I absolutely love the colours we selected.”

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Just in case you’re wondering, these are actual pictures from this project!



Client: Adam Moore
Project: Kitchen Renovation

“My biggest concern in selecting a designer to work with was that I would make a mistake in the design of our kitchen. Cabinetry is a considerable investment and I was quite concerned that I would be unhappy with the final result or worse, unhappy with design elements that I had not even considered due to my lack of experience in this area. Karen was very helpful in addressing these concerns - both my wife and I were confident to rely on her experience to design a kitchen that was highly functional (for two serious, recreational chefs) and beautifully integrated into the existing design of the home.

Karen was great to work with from the initial design process, to marking out the cabinets and ensuring installation flowed smoothly, as well as accommodating my special, last minute requests that seem inevitable with any renovation project.

 It was a pleasure to work with Karen throughout the whole design and installation process. She was knowledgeable with respect to the design and installation process, and provided several specific recommendations for the design that I would have never have considered without the help of an experienced professional.

When working with Karen, I appreciated that she was readily available throughout the process to answer any questions and to work through any problems that came up on site. She was able to focus and incorporate the many ideas both my Wife and I had for our kitchen into the design, no easy task with the abundance of design ideas readily available today! Finally, she was able to accomplish this while still respecting our budget – at no time did I feel pressured to spend above our budget or feel that I couldn’t have something due to budget restrictions.  

I would highly recommend working with Karen on any design project. I recently referred her to a discerning and detail-oriented family friend who was completing a kitchen renovation, and after her experience and my own, would not hesitate to recommend her again!

Thanks Karen!”


Interior Design

Client: The Selin Family
Project: Updating and enhancing their 28-year old home in rural Alberta


“I specifically liked that Karen was able to text me some ideas about the countertop, and sent three sample ideas so I could go and look at them, and bring them home. I was also able to pick out different tile options so that when she came to the house I had some idea of what I wanted. Then, she was able to help me pick out what went best together. Karen also gave me some ideas about curtains and blinds for our dining room.

I found her easy to ask questions to, she answered with honesty, and it was nice that she was able to help me in all the different areas that I wanted to change including countertop, backsplash, blinds and paint color.

I would recommend other people to work with Karen because she is very pleasant to work with and I hope we will be able to work together again soon!”


What the trades say

Every interior designer works with trades specialists; the plumbers, carpenters and cabinetry professionals that do the installations and modifications. Good relationships with trades are critical for a job well done.


Mike Wisniewski, owner of Master Pipe Mechanical and I have worked together on several client projects over the last 4 years. Here’s what he has to say:

“The biggest obstacle in deciding to work with any designer is quality, price, and people that you know in the industry you can trust. I found that Karen is diligent in her plan layout, followed up with changes that may have occurred and made sure everyone was in the loop about what was happening on that project.

If there was one specific thing I like most about working with Karen it is the quality of her work. When you walk into the home you can tell they are quality cabinets design by Karen. You can tell by the layouts and how it all works and flows with each home layout. Plus she is easy to get along with and answers questions in a timely manner.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Karen to other people. It’s one of those things that when you’ve been working with someone for multiple years, you have that background knowledge, that if you recommend them to someone else, it’s not going to come back and bite you afterwards. I feel fully confident in saying you will be happy with the product and the end result. If there are any hiccups or bumps along the way she is going to be there to smooth it out and make sure that whatever needs to happen, happens.”